Welcome back members and visitors safely with our lockdown exit guides

The Great British outdoors: we love our gardens, we love our outdoor pursuits.  Now the weather is turning towards spring and summer the frustrations of not being able to participate in our favourite hobbies is immense.

During the lockdown, many sectors have been hard at work in the background devising safe ways to re-open for business.  Golf Clubs might seem an obvious one to re-open.  After all the game is played in wide-open space with social distancing quite simple on the fairways and greens.  But the clubhouse is another matter.  Is it classed as a restaurant or bar?  We are not sure.  However, let’s assume that re-opening for players will also allow re-opening of the clubhouse and thereby the toilet facilities.

Garden Centres are another group of businesses working hard to re-open.  This is a critical time for them with spring planting and sowing and many rely on the Spring boost to get them through the rest of the year.  Again, many Garden Centres also have a café or restaurant attached so same goes for them as Golf Clubs.

Another Great British pastime, especially over the summer months, is camping and caravanning.  Indeed most sites that normally close over winter to re-open at Easter didn’t even have the chance to start before lockdown happened.  As with Golf Clubs, the actual participating in social distancing on-site with pitching is easy to manage.  But what about the toilet facilities, showers and communal areas?

So many questions and not really any answers at the time of writing on we’ll safely exit lockdown

Great Ways To Prepare For Business Opening

But we do have a whole range of hints and tips, solutions and equipment that any business can utilise to demonstrate best hygiene practice. These are useful both prior to re-opening and whilst open

  • Stock up! Washroom consumables never go out of date so ensure you have enough supplies ready to roll. We’d recommend:
    • Soap – enough for every washbasin and shower stall. Maybe consider dispensers now and we’d recommend the foam systems as they last for ages and deliver a thorough hand wash
    • Paper Towels – Give visitors and members a choice: paper towels and driers
    • Sanitiser – people WANT to sanitise. We’ve got a range of dispensers both wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Act on a problem. If a urinal has been prone to blocking, fix it now. Now is a good time to consider water management systems – if you don’t have such a system – install one. When used in conjunction with a urinal sanitiser this will break down the uric acid in the pipes. This will reduce the risk of blockages but most importantly creating a pleasant smell coming from the urinals as opposed to unpleasant ones (which is normal).
  • Whilst in close down mode have you ensured that the washrooms were cleaned prior to quiet times and paid special attention to:
    • Toilet bowls. Clean inside and out and leave lid down to prevent evaporation. Did you use a biological washroom product? This will reduce smells and a build-up of organic material.
    • Waste paper bins. Ensure they are empty: they make great nests for mice. If you have had any pest intruders who not give out brand new Pest Services division a call.  Just phone the office on 0844 249 9244
  • Dig out the Washroom Services contract and check for renewal dates – maybe read our blog on how to get out of a contract. Renewals can easily slip by and boom, you’re stuck for another 3 or 5 years.  Check with your service company when they will be resuming. And make sure they stick to it. It’s important to your business – it should be to theirs.

Have you thought about New Equipment to help Exit Lockdown?

  • Social Distancing Mats – why not incorporate a warm welcome with a logoed entrance mat and add some social distancing messages and indicators too.
  • Air Purifiers – these work to keep germs, viruses and bacteria at bay. Smells good too if you want.  These really are an outstanding piece of kit and not only work but give added reassurance to staff, visitors and members that you care about their health and wellbeing.

Keeping Staff Safe

Just as important as making a safe environment for your returning customers, make sure you are keeping staff health and safety top of the list.  Staff restrooms and washrooms should have the same level of care and attention as the public use ones.  Do your staff need additional PPE?  Gloves, Aprons, Overalls, personal sanitisers……

We stock all the above and much more and can have it at your premises, installed and delivery health and safety confidence in just days.

An Extra Note About Unwanted Visitors

Empty quiet buildings are a magnet for unwelcome visitors and not just the two-legged criminal variety.  We know that rodents and insects are taking this welcome break from human interference to set up home in all the nooks and crannies of unoccupied buildings.  Why not ask one of our new Pest Services team to pop by and undertake a survey before you open?

Let us help you to get back to work safely.