Health and Personal Care Hygiene for return to work

Dental Surgeries

We Are Here To Help Businesses With Their PPE And Hygiene Needs To Get Ready To Get Back To Work After Lockdown

At the time of writing, we don’t know when or, indeed, who will be opening their doors for business yet.  However, there is one thing you can be sure of: a rise in the need for hygiene and PPE management products for staff, patients and clients.  We do know that Covid-19 isn’t going to disappear overnight so ongoing best practice and vigilance will more than likely be mandatory for some time.

What we can predict with some confident degree of certainty is that when Health and Personal Care businesses re-open, they will be flooded with appointments.

  • Hair will be needing coloured and cut…..
  • Aches and Pains will be needing soothed and realigned
  • Teeth will be needing check-ups and procedures
  • …and much more.

But something all these businesses have in common is close personal contact.  However, we can reduce the risk and allow an improved level of hygiene confidence for both the providers and customers.

PPE We Can Supply

Facemasks, nitrile gloves, disposable aprons –we are able to source and supply

Social Distancing assistance – why not combine a welcome entrance mat with your logo AND a 2-metre assistance marker

Sanitiser – we can provide stands, dispensers and product to be placed wherever is convenient; entrances, washroom areas, treatment rooms etc

Biozone Air Purifiers and Sterilisers – these ultra-clever yet discreet pieces of technology will keep any area constantly purified removing bacteria, viruses and fungus form both the air and surfaces.  That’s every little corner of the area these are situated in.  We even have a mobile version of this which can be deployed to wherever you need it, fast.

Sanitising Cleaning Products – you will more than likely want to undertake a deep clean before opening again for both staff and client reassurance.   And then keep the regime up at least daily once trading again. We have a wide range of proven products on hand.

Unwelcome Visitors During Lockdown

Empty quiet buildings are a magnet for unwelcome visitors and not just the two-legged criminal variety.  We know that rodents and insects are taking this welcome break from human interference to set up home in all the nooks and crannies of unoccupied buildings.  Why not ask one of our new Pest Services team to pop by and undertake a survey before you open?

Caledonia Washroom Services are always here to help.  We are an independent company, not tied to any major suppliers, so are flexible, fast and effective.  It’s who local councils have been turning too during the crisis when the majors can’t supply.  Let us help you to get back to work safely.