An innovative simple idea for mats


How we created a brilliant new solution for safer workplaces

What is innovation? Could we have the internet without the computer? Or the car without the wheel?  So why not safety signs made easy.

Invariably within the washroom sector innovation comes from adapting or incorporating an idea or invention that may well have had a different purpose or outcome?

We have in the past come up with several inventions that are really just a way of improving on something that is already ‘out there’. My favourite example of this is the ‘Banana Cone’ – a safety cone to warn of wet floors shaped like a banana skin (think Mario Kart but bigger).

And so this brings us to a little idea which is only possible because our supplier of mats can now make mats of all shapes and sizes.  This little nugget of information was all we needed to design a warning mat.

The mat is easy to place on a wet floor or uneven surface – ideal for cleaning staff or contractors. It can be rolled up and easily stored and, best of all, it can be put in a washing machine to clean.  We are offering the mat as a supply only or a supply and launder, and it is already proving very popular with facilities service companies.

If you would like to know more or just have a problem in your washroom that you can’t find an answer for please give us a call.  We love innovation but more so when it’s ‘our’ innovation.

If it’s more traditional matting you need to see our range of services at Caledonia Washroom Services