Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus and Common Flu

Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus and Common Flu

The Coronavirus has been hitting all the headlines worldwide.  The weekend news is that so far no cases are confirmed in the UK and any suspicious cases of people returning from China with a respiratory issue are showing clear.  In the meantime, the problem would appear to be escalating in China with the latest predictions of a ‘grave situation’  With such easy and accessible international travel we must be vigilant and make our workplaces as safe as possible.  Not just from coronavirus but common flu and colds.


Because here’s a truth that doesn’t make sensational press headlines.  Here in the UK the common flu causes on average 600 deaths and can be as high as 13,000 deaths every year.  It’s not the flu itself; it’s the complications that arise.  2019 –20 looks to be, sadly, another winter of deaths with the toll so far counting 3 times as many as winter 2018-19.    It also accounts for millions of missed workdays across the population and costs the economy over £1 billion pounds a year.

Simple Effective Solutions

So what can you do to prevent flu and colds running rampant through your place of work?  Waiting rooms, receptions, toilets, communal areas, anywhere that people congregate, they’re all breeding grounds for coughs and sneezes to spread their worst.

We have some simple but extremely effective solutions that we can deploy immediately.

Hand sanitising units, preferably wall-mounted, but freestanding units are available.  These are best sited at various pinch points or high contact areas – outside the communal toilet areas, beside kitchen facilities and at building entrances/reception areas.   Encourage everyone to use them.  It’s now second nature when visiting a hospital, so why not encourage your staff and visitors.  It’s not something new, it’s common sense

Kill Bacteria In Medical Premises

For medical businesses (doctors/dentists) or businesses with waiting areas, we would recommend an air purification unit which not only cleans and kills any bacteria in the air but also any bacteria that are lurking on any surface, from door handles to magazine covers.

You can keep your workplace safe from CORONAVIRUS and COMMON FLU from as little as £5 per month. Protect your customers, your staff and your business.

It makes sense for both health and wealth!