What’s hiding in the bowl?

toilet bowl

Whilst completing a site toilet survey of a large stadium the other week , I came across a dead rat floating in a toilet.

Rats are generally pretty good swimmers and have no issues ‘diving’ through the ‘S’ trap of a toilet bowl as a means of access to a property (another good reason to always put the toilet seat down).  The  link will take you to a great National Geographic video showing how easy this is.

Rat Toilet

I suspect the poor blighter had been partially caught by a rat trap – i.e. had a trap attached to his tail.   Whilst trying to make an escape through the waste pipe, the trap would have got stuck in the bend and the poor mite didn’t make it.

A day or so later my nephew Sonny, explained to me (using Skype) his encounter with a Redback (nasty spider with hell of a bite) in a public loo at a beach north of Brisbane.  Poor lad, I don’t think he will go to a public toilet for a long time.

These two instances got me thinking about the obvious: toilets and animal connections. We had a dog that liked nothing better to have a drink from the toilet bowl. A quick online search will show plenty dogs and cats that have been trained to actually use the toilet (not sure if the animals are clever or the owners have too much time on their hands?). But excusing the invasion of the toilet,  other beasties  I have  personally come across hiding out in a toilet bowl are, of course, spiders and flies.   I have also fished a mouse out of a toilet (still unsure how it got there).  I must also plead guilty to having to having flushed a (dead) goldfish down the loo in my youth.

However my experiences are pretty tame compared to the results of a quick search on the web.

Snakes seem to be the most popular ‘wild’ animal – not in the UK obviously.  Spiders are a massive issue in Australia and parts of USA especially the ‘bitey’ poisonous ones!

Frogs and Toads are common but in the UK it seems to be rats that literally ‘pop up’ the most.

So my advice is simple.

  1. Keep the toilet lid down when not in use (good practice anyway)
  2. If you suspect you are getting a visitor through the toilet call in a professional pest control officer
  3. If something exotic turns up call the RSPCA
  4. Never flush any animal down the loo dead or alive

Of course if you have any pics or stories about anything unexpected turning up in your toilet please share them in the comments section