Never leave a client in the lurch

No toilet paper

High Capacity Toilet Rolls

We’ve all been asked at some point in time… ‘how long is a piece of string’. But if you manage facilities that are used by your customers or staff then the real question is: ‘how many sheets do the toilet rolls have left before it’s not enough? After all, the job’s not over ‘till the paperwork is done.

Now when it comes to customer satisfaction (or employee engagement), there’s nothing more likely to leave someone feeling short-changed than getting ‘caught short’ when using your facilities. It’s just not an option: you need to ensure there’s always a plentiful stock of paper where it’s needed most.

But materials cost money and you need to minimise waste whenever you can. Waste is unsustainable for the business and for the environment. How can you balance this challenge? You could buy the largest rolls on the market. That might seem the easiest solution. After all, these have a high capacity yet are often priced at a compellingly low point.

Problem solved? Think again.

How much is left?

Each day you’ll still be faced with the question of when to swap the roll over: too soon and you can end up wasting a not insubstantial amount of paper (and money) over a year. But leave it too long and someday someone is going to be left in a position that will never reflect well on your reputation.

Consider: Your doing your rounds after the cleaners have finished… If the roll holder is empty then you have a problem. What if the roll has a few metres left? Is two metres still enough until the next inspection? Is 10 metres?

Perhaps the solution is to simply leave a new roll in each cubicle? But can the user swap the roll into the container at the necessary time? Should they even have to? What if the new roll falls on the floor at some point? That’s unhygienic, and can easily leave the facilities in a total mess for the next visitor.

The Solution

Hygienic, efficient control with High Capacity Toilet Rolls

Install one of our twin roll toilet tissue dispensers and you have the sustainable solution. Each continuous dispenser stores two high capacity compact rolls. As soon as one finishes the reserve roll will drop into reach. Then at the next inspection the cleaning staff can simply replace the spare roll. Our toilet tissue dispenser helps ensure there is always toilet paper available. The water-soluble toilet paper is hygienically stored in the dispenser and the lock makes the dispenser vandal-proof. Our dispensers are the perfect solution for any high-traffic location.

The sustainable solution for both you and the environment

We are a leading supplier of toilet paper and can supply various combinations of length, comfort, softness, solubility and strength to suit any requirement. Our toilet paper is sustainably sourced and carries the Ecoflower or Nordic Swan seals of quality. Your required stock can also be delivered with your own company’s logo or design printed onto wrappers and boxes.