Odour Issues

urinals and odour issues

Odour Issues – Bad or Pleasant

Nasal Fatigue is a phrase you probably only find within the washroom industry but we have all experienced it. Most notably when you go into a new location and you can smell what is to you a malodour or bad smell, wet dog, burnt toast, dirty nappies.

To the person that lives or works there, they cannot smell this ‘odour’ because they have grown immune to it – this is nasal fatigue. It is not unique to malodours either.

Nasal fatigue is prominent with nice smells too so you have the same effect when you walk into a room and are ‘overpowered’ with a fragrance or perfume. People are used to the smell and have to use more until they are happy with the same ‘hit’ of fragrance or when being used to cover a bad smell the user becomes immune to the fragrance being used to mask such malodour and can still smell the bad smell – even though less regular visitors may only smell the nice smell.

Why start with this? Well, I hope that this reinforces that what is a bad smell to one person may not be noticed by someone else so malodours are subjective to the individuals.

How do you overcome this? The easy answer is to eradicate the source of the malodour, although as an answer that is easy, the practicalities will not be. And the reality is that sometimes there is nothing you can do about it except try to neutralise the particles that cause the smell.

Odour Basic Advice

So let’s start with the basics. Toilets need to be

a) cleaned regularly and

b) well ventilated although odours can come from all sorts of sources.

We use a black light to show clients where cleaning is being missed and always recommend using a biological washroom cleaner which will break down uric acid crystals which are the main cause of odours in men only washrooms.

Sanitary and nappy waste are also big contributors to odours. Waste bins should be emptied and cleaned to reflect the volume of traffic, again a good washroom company can advise on this. At Caledonia Washrooms, we also use a silica-based sanitising sachet to reduce bacterial activity and subsequent odours. See Baby Changing Expertise for specialist advice on nappy waste.

Having identified the source of the smell and minimised or neutralised it there are several options to create a pleasant fragrance in the washroom. Fresh flowers are a bit expensive but we have a range of services to cover all budgets and environmental impact – including hand dryers that expel fragrance when being used. If you would like a no-obligation chat then please get in touch and remember – ‘If there’s a smell give us a bell’