Tips for Seasonal Businesses

Tips for Seasonal Businesses

Tips for Seasonal Businesses before Easter opening

It’s January and it’s cold, blowy and sunny days seem far away. Indeed some readers may be taking a well earned sunshine break right now before the seasons kicks off in April. This will include seasonal business facilities such as Sports Clubs, Holiday Parks, Golf or Bowling Clubs… which will have had a slow down or indeed a total close down.

Ahead of this we thought we’d share some of our top tips for overwintering of washrooms and preparation for opening for the new season. Hopefully we can make it one less item to worry about come open doors at the end of March.

  1. Stock up! Washroom consumables never go out of date so ensure you have enough supplies ready to roll.
  2. Use space saving systems so stocking up doesn’t mean you lose an office. See previous blogs on foaming soap and toilet paper.
  3. Act on a problem. If a urinal has been prone to blocking last season , fix it now.
  4. Now is a good time to consider water management systems – if you don’t have such a system – install one. When used in conjunction with a urinal sanitiser this will break down the uric acid in the pipes reducing the risk of blockages but most importantly creating a pleasant smell coming from the urinals as opposed to unpleasant ones (which is normal).
  5. Whilst in close down mode have you ensured that the washrooms were cleaned prior to quiet times and paid special attention to:
    1. Toilet bowls. Clean inside and out and leave lid down to prevent evaporation. Did you use a biological washroom product? This will reduce smells and a build-up of organic material.
    2. Waste paper bins. Ensure they are empty: they make great nests for mice.
  6. Dig out the Washroom Services contract and check for renewal dates – maybe read our blog on how to get out of a contract. This is a time of year when renewals can easily slip by and boom, you’re stuck for another 3 or 5 years.
  7. Check with your service company when they will be resuming. And make sure they stick to it. It’s important to your business – it should be to theirs.

There you have it – some easy steps to ensure you have hassle free washrooms ready in plenty of time for the new season

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