Sanity about Sanitisers

Alcohol based hand sanitiser

Today I read another article regarding handwashing and using sanitisers.  There is enough on the net and specifically LinkedIn and Facebook about handwashing that means I don’t have to say anymore, but feel free to email or call me if you want to talk it over.

It’s Not The Alcohol Count That Counts

However, the continual reference by government officials and spokespeople about 70% alcohol sanitisers is really starting to get to me.

Covid-19 is an enveloped virus, which is very easily killed by various substances, including chlorine (bleach), alcohol and Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds)  Pretty much any certified hand cleanser, sanitiser or disinfectant will reduce your risk of infection but no matter how much you use that risk will never be zero.

So remember sanitisers are there to boost hand hygiene by using after hand washing or if you are touching high-risk areas after washing your hands – toilet doors for example.

Alcohol-Based Sanitisers Cannot Kill Covid-19

Just to elaborate further about alcohol hand sanitisers.   They cannot kill one of the most devastating and costly viruses (until now) – Norovirus.  Unlike Covid-19 Norovirus is enclosed by a structure known as a capsid.   Alcohol cannot get through it, which is why alcohol-based hand sanitisers do not kill Norovirus.

So you can choose and I really don’t mind what you use but I personally would trust a sanitiser that can kill Norovirus rather than one that doesn’t.