Top tips when designing washrooms

Washroom Design Tips

Toilets and washrooms are usually seen as a necessary evil.  In many cases, architects or designers work out what they need to provide in the way of services and then squeeze those amenities into the smallest space possible.  Cubicles wide enough to accommodate a toilet, and possibly a cistern, but not necessarily a commercial toilet roll holder or a sanitary bin?

So here’s our plea to all architects.  When working on washroom design offset the toilet bowl slightly to one side to allow for extras such as sanitary bins.

However, most businesses have what they have and don’t justify the luxury of a complete washroom redesign. What can you do to spruce up a tired washroom area?


Plants (real or fake) are a great idea especially if you have natural light.  They not only help brighten up a dull area but also disrupt sound waves and make the washroom less ‘sterile’.

Another way to spruce up the area is to get your washroom service company in and speak to them about changing the fixtures and fittings.  New fresh soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and an air freshener could be a low cost option to make a washroom seem a bit more loved.

A less costly alternative to a complete refurb is to re-wrap part of your washroom – wrapping cubicle doors in a brighter colour is a low cost alternative to a whole new cubicle system, vanity units can also be treated in such a way to make an old and tired washroom look new.

Floors And Ceilings

Another interesting new concept is to resurface a floor.  Whether the existing floor is tiles,  altro or another type of non slip flooring there is a technique that can recolour and reseal a floor without having to rip up the old floor or tiles.  Again much cheaper than ripping out and replacing.

My personal favourite in toilets that have ceiling tiles is to have the tiles taken to a specialist printer and have the roof tiles re-coloured or if you are adventurous have them printed into blue sky and clouds to brighten the washroom up.

washroom ceiling design

So ultimately there are loads of ways to spruce up your washrooms and although budgets can be limited your imagination should never be!

What’s Next?

And what about the future?  What are we going to see?  Well, I will be going to Amsterdam to Interclean Cleaning show in May to see what is happening.  But my prediction is that more and more businesses will be moving away from chrome finishes to copper and brass.  I also think automated toilets might finally start making some inroads into the UK market – they are already highly successful across Japan and other parts of the far east.

I also think that someone will create a modesty unit which will be activated on entering a toilet cubicle, creating white or background noise to ‘hide’ toilet noises.

If you wish to get some great washroom ideas why not give us a call we are always happy to see how we can help and love sharing our crazy toilet ideas!