Trump titters on toilets

Trump Toilet Titters

Do low flow plumbing toilets have a place in rainy areas?

Climate Change, World Peace, Alternative Energy, Ending Poverty, Human Rights, International Justice: just some of the topics that our world leaders are addressing according to the United Nations

Ahemmmm….. apart from our trusty Trump(ington) who is now pontificating on the amount of water that is used to flush the toilet and wash our hands.  He really has come up Top Trumps this time on Toilet Talk.  There are more examples and we’ll share them another time you are in need of a tiny trump size titter.

But back to the meister of titters latest pronouncement that Low Flow Plumbing is not necessary in many part of the country (USA anyway) because they get lots of rain and don’t know what to do with it!  By the way in case you didn’t know Low Flow Plumbing is designed to use half the water used by traditional toilets with an average of 1.6 gallons per flush instead of 3.5 gallons.

Saving American Workers!

He reckons that the American workers need defending from this monstrosity of water miserliness.  Apparently these ‘poor’ workers have showers where the water just drips out and you can end up taking a lot longer to wash your hands.  And according to his Trumpliness this is just ridiculous when you have plenty rainfall in the locality.  Oh dear oh dear obviously he’s not concerned with these poor American workers water bills or heavens forbid, any desire they might have to be sustainable and eco friendly.

So you might wonder just what happens to all that rainfall.  This is brilliant How Weather Works.  But if you don’t have time to click the link in a nutshell it is all recycled in a continuous loop.

Is He Missing The Point?

We think he is missing the point completely (again….)  Water will always be with us.  It will vary depending on country and region but fundamentally water is part of earth.  It’s the costs to handle the water, divert the water, dispose of waste water – the whole infrastructure that costs money.  So the less water flowing through it means less cost.  Of course, all the ‘poor American Workers’ could install a water butt, collect the rainfall and take a bucketful with them every time they visit the loo.

Oh we could go on and on and are sure that all the science and technology would completely dispel his latest pontifications.  However, a small titter is a good antidote to all the politics of the past few weeks.  We supply titters galore as well as a full range of washrooms equipment and consumables.