Wet Floors in Washrooms


Why is my washroom floor always wet?

Some of the most common reasons why washroom floors can be wet

Wet Floors used to be restricted to around the urinal area.  Us boys can be messy creatures, but there are other sources of moisture in the washroom that may need to be addressed.  Here are some of the more common problems and (hopefully) possible solutions:

Problem 1 – Wet floors around urinals from high water pressure.

Solution: Turn the water pressure down or restrict the flow (if you are unsure how to do this ask your maintenance person or your go to plumber.  Alternatively fit a urinal screen to minimise splashback.

Problem 2 – Excessive mopping.

Solution: Keeping a washroom clean is difficult but traditional ‘kentucky’ mops can leave a lot of moisture on the floor, flat micro-fibre mopping systems will reduce the moisture left on the floor by as much as 70% and well worth a look here is a link to the to the Vermop system.

Problem 3 – Leaking pipes around urinals or cisterns.

Solution: Try to identify where and when the leak occurs then call the plumber!

Problem 4: Blade Handryers.

Solution: High speed dryers are also of transferring water from hands to floor.  If it is an issue you can fit a drip plate (available from www.o3solutions.com) or speak to your local washroom supplier about fitting a washroom mat below each hand dryer to catch excess water.

Problem 5 – Winter weather.

Solution: If you are getting wet feet into the washrooms then your entrance matting to the building isn’t doing its job – trapping moisture at entry.  Look at increasing entrance matting over the winter months or installing matting at the toilet entrance/exit to minimise risk both ways.

Problem 6 – Blocked urinal.

Solution: It might not always be obvious as the blockage might only become apparent when the toilet flushes and this may be sporadic in a modern washroom.  So trigger a flush manually or wait until the urinals flush if there is a blockage and overflowing occurs call a plumber to clear the blockage.

So I hope that helps some of you – If I come across other reasons for water on the washroom floor I will update the post.

The Toilet Expert