Problems with Entrance Matting and how to solve them

The last few weeks we have had an issue with new Entrance Matting that we had installed for a Carnoustie Golf Links.  We had designed and created a large (240cm x 180cm) entrance mat.  The building was a new build and we were asked to provide the mats to protect the luxurious carpet that had been installed.  However, herein lies the issue: the more luxurious the carpet the harder it is to get a mat to stay in one place. The deeper (luxurious!) the pile the bigger the ‘caterpillar’ effect.  This creates ripples in the mat and, as these get stood on, the mat will move across the floor in the dominant direction of footfall.

So if you see ripples in a mat, it will be moving – either like a tectonic plate or a lava flow dependent on the quality of the underlying carpet.

We can counter this in a number of ways:

  1. Install a less expensive carpet to cover the costs of entrance matting and cleaning
  2. Install a heavier grade 3mm (heavy duty) instead of 1.5mm (standard) backing on the mat (this will work with mid-grade carpets)
  3. Use a specialist fixing or double-sided tape – this needs to be replaced after each launder, less expensive in short term but more time needed at each change and costlier in the long term
  4. Use a specialist non-slip underlay to prevent wriggling

Option 4 above is how we created a solution for Carnoustie Golf Links and we will be posting a video in which we will show you options of entrance matting and some of the solutions as well as explain why entrance matting is safer, cleaner and saves you money in the long run.

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